We love sharing stories of freedom rides, first nights in foster homes and adoption happy-ever-after’s. However, making this magic happen is expensive. DSDA does not shy away from hard cases, and the dogs we take in off the streets and from the shelters have expensive medical bills that cost us thousands of dollars every month. Raising the necessary funds to cover medical expenses each month is the most stressful part of rescue.

When we take in dogs that need out of the ordinary medical care such as heartworm treatment, treatment for broken bones and even treatment for cancer, we launch a fundraiser to try and raise the funds to keep our expenses in check and so we can continue to allocate expenses towards taking in more medical cases. The only way we can further our mission and take more dogs into our care is if we have the funds to care for them.

Please see our active Razoo fundraisers below. We would greatly appreciate if you can share these stories and help us raise funds to help the amazing dogs in our care. YOU are the reason we can help one dog, one home and one community at a time. Thank you!

Heal Lucky's Heart

Lucky is 10 year old golden retreiver/lab mix that was not that lucky this week when he found himself abandoned in a local shelter by the family he has known his entire life because they were moving. The shelter is no place for a dog to live our their golden ears, so we quickly sprung into action and tagged Lucky for rescue!

Unfortunately, Lucky's age shows in his health. He came unvaccinated, is full of hookworms, is heartworm positive and has kennel cough. He has seen our vet to get up to date on shots and begin heartworm treatment, but will need to stay in isolation boarding for several days before he can be moved into a foster home due to his coughing.

To make matters worse, the foster home we have lined up for Lucky is no longer able to provide him a temporary home which means that we may need to put Lucky in boarding until we can figure out other arrangements for him. Costs like this are very hard on a small rescue such as ours and prevent us from helping more dogs in need.

Please consider donating towards Lucky's medical care. He will appreciate your generosity as much as we do!
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